Baby Shower Gifts Under 2000/

Baby Shower Gifts Under 2000/

A baby shower is thrown for a pregnant lady by her close relatives or friends, a few weeks before her due date. The mom-to-be is surrounded by the love and support of her dear ones as they shower her with blessings in the form of gifts and celebrate her journey towards motherhood.

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Do you have a baby shower of a close friend coming up around the corner? Here is a list of amazing baby shower gifts under 2000/- that will surely help the new mother:

#1. A box full of love

The pregnant momma needs a little bit of extra care and pampering to help her body and mind stay strong, fresh and energetic. Gift her this “Oh you’re so pregnant” box - a collection of goods such as stretch-marks oil, organic pregnancy tea, refreshing rose water and revitalizing face masks that are curated specifically for the 2nd or 3rd trimester. It also contains letters where the momma can pen down her memories of this precious time for the little one to read later on.

#2. Baby care kit

A newborn’s skin is very soft and delicate which needs proper attention and care. Check out this thoughtfully curated Newborn Baby Care Box for the little one which includes a diaper rash cream, a baby massage oil, a body and face cream as well as baby shampoo and body wash. These products have been carefully selected to cater to the needs of the developing skin.

#3. Baby swaddle packs

Swaddles help the newborn to stay protected and in-place as well as give a warm, cozy experience just like the womb. Pick a newborn baby swaddle pack for the upcoming baby shower of your friend as she prepares to welcome the baby. These swaddles are specially made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabric.

#4. A diaper bag

A diaper bag will become a new mom's best friend as the baby arrives. Be sure to choose one that is spacious enough to store all the diaper-changing essentials and fun yet handy enough for the mom to carry it around for the next one or two years.

#5. Nappies

When it comes to newborns, everything that touches their delicate skin must be extremely soft. Check out these 100% organic cotton super nappies specially made for mommies to keep the newborn clean and fresh without compromising on the effects they have on the skin.

#6. Onesies

How adorable do newborns look in their teeny-weeny onesies, right? Select 2-3 cute onesies from here and make a perfect gift set for the forthcoming baby shower. Made from organic cotton fabric, these onesies will keep the little one warm and snuggly, protecting the delicate skin from outside pollution.

#7. Baby Arrival Gift Set

A baby arrival gift set includes everything a mom needs to welcome the little one. The “Welcome To The World Little One” gift set comes with a handy diaper bag, a soft cushion, and a snuggly dohar to keep the baby warm. It also contains a set of easy-to-stick alphabets customised to the baby’s name.
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