The Best Montessori Toys That Grow With Your Child

The Best Montessori Toys That Grow With Your Child

Babies learn by touching and feeling everything around them. The idea of allowing them to explore and learn by themselves in an unstructured playful way is known as the Montessori philosophy.

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A Montessori toy is based on this philosophy, which helps the curiosity and imagination to grow as babies learn to play independently by exploring and experimenting with it. These toys are also good for developing their physical, emotional as well as social skills throughout their toddlerhood.

Read on to know about the best Montessori toys for your little one that will grow with your child:

#1. Rainbow Building Blocks

This simple and basic looking toy comes in attractive rainbow colors which triggers color identification skills in babies from an early age. These Rainbow building blocks help with their motor skills and imagination as they try to grab, stack and build different patterns with these blocks.

#2. Wooden Stackers

Along with being fun and attractive, kids’ toys need to be made from natural and safe material. Wooden stackers are good for enhancing your child’s shape and color sense as well as the idea of object placement. They also help with your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination from an early age.

#3. Wooden Puzzles

Just like wooden stackers, wooden puzzles are also great for teaching those little ones about shape, size, object placement, etc. Made from natural materials, these are safe for even babies as they can work on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination by playing with these blocks of puzzles.

#4. A Sorting Toy

Shape sorters or sorting toys are fun yet challenging toys for kids. These toys help them learn about shapes, patterns, sizes and how to sort similar objects together. Sorting toys like “Sort In The Box” are specially designed for 3-4-year-old kids, who can challenge their knowledge about shapes, colors, and patterns by sorting similar objects into the four boxes that come with the game.

#5. A Chalk Book or Board

Let the little ones scribble or doodle down their creativity and imagination on to a fun and easy-to-carry chalk book or board. It comes with a few chalks and a duster along with a tic tac toe game at the back that you can play with the little one.

#6. Advanced Logic Stacking Set

This logic stacking game is meant for children older than 3 years as it brings the stacking game to an advanced level. The child needs to use logic to figure out the proper order in which the discs need to be stacked on top of the colorful bars of different lengths. It will help your little one’s problem-solving skills, color recognition as well as hand-eye coordination.

#7. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is great for improving problem-solving abilities, thinking process and speed as well as short-term memory. The Chattychoo Puzzle is a 100-piece puzzle designed especially for kids above 4-5 years, which needs the kid to finish 5 missions strategically. It comes with a customizable certificate that you can present your kid with, upon successful completion of the puzzle.

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