Best High chairs for babies

When you introduce semi solid and solid foods to your baby it is very important that you have a particular spot for him/her so that it can be a routine thing, which the child will learn as, it grows. Not only do the babies eat, play in their high chairs but also sometimes, they even have a nap in their high chairs. All those cute cheeky pictures capturing lovely moments have a high chair somewhere her and there.

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Your baby is going to be spending a lot of time and moments in their high chair and you are also going to be spending a lot of time cleaning it over again and again. So you need to choose a high chair that you will both be able to live with. Some best types of high chairs are as follows:
  • Wooden High chairs
This wooden high chair can be used from 6 months onwards till the child is 4-6 years. This is a very durable design which is also easy to clean and can be handled well. It can be easily converted into a toddler chair. The best part is you do not need any tools or something to convert it. One of the demerit is that the tray is not big enough to keep a bigger size plate.
  • Fast table chairs
One of the easiest way to conveniently carry your babies eating spot while travelling is to choose a fast table chair. This chair can be attached to any table easily and can be folded flat into a bag to make it comfortable to carry anywhere. This type of seat has a rear pocket so that you can store some wipes or wash clothes handy. The tray is also detachable.
  • Travel high chair
This kind of chair can be used for children up to 3-4 years. It does not need any conversions and comes in a ready to use foldable design. It also comes with a bag to make your travel easy. Affordable and easy to clean.
  • Hook on chair
Here is the latest option among the high chairs. That’s a hook on chair. This kind of chair is very easy to carry while travelling and can be hooked or attached to any table. It has rubber grips so that it doesn’t scratch your table. One demerit is that there is a gap between the chair and the table which can spill over the food. All the high chairs come with harness and safety belts so that it holds the baby well.