Best Potty seats according user reviews

Potty training is one of the vital milestones in a baby’s life. While some babies are easily potty trained, others take a long time for the same. It all depends on the baby’s physical fitness and readiness to learn it. You can use a potty-chair or just potty seat to teach your toddlers to use the loo instead of diapers.

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Fortunately, for you and your toddlers, there are a number of potty chairs out there that makes the job a little bit easier. They come in all shapes and sizes and with bells and music.
  • Single piece potty chair
This is a basic design potty chair, which is made up of a single plastic mold. It does not come with any toys or music for the baby to play around. This potty chair will definitely get the job done but it is a little uncomfortable for the child to sit for a longer time.
  • Two-piece potty chair
This potty chair is made up of two separate pieces. An outer, plastic seat to support your baby while sitting and an inner plastic bowl that catches your baby’s poop. It makes cleaning easier since once the baby has pooped, you can easily remove the inner bowl and clean it conveniently.
  • Deluxe Potty chair
A deluxe potty chair is designed in such a way that it will also entertain the child with its music and bells. It has a storage box like drawers, which helps you to keep baby wipes. It had lights and sounds, which will play when the baby sits down. It also has a cushioned seat, which gives a comfortable sitting for your baby. Deluxe potty seats are extremely useful as it has so many features, which will attract your toddler to use the seat.
  • Multi-functional potty chair
There are a number of varieties in multi-functional potty seats, which will actually grow with your baby. 2-in-1 potty chairs with a chair and a removable seat. 3-in-1 potty chair with a chair, a removable seat and a step tool. Then a 4-in-1 potty chair has a chair, a removable seat, a step tool and also storage space.
  • A handled potty seat
Apart from all the potty chairs, we also have a potty seat shaped in a ring form, which can be kept on the regular toilets, and they are very handy to carry even while travelling. It comes with side handles, which make it easy for the baby to hold and a cushioned seat that the toddlers too can use.