Best Tips To Ease Teething In Babies

Crankiness, irritation, fever, chewing on objects, motions, crying, vomiting and many more, all these are the symptoms of a baby who is teething. Teething in babies can be troublesome for both the baby and the parent and hence one should know some easy remedies and tips to soothe a teething baby. Teething can usually be handled at home only with some handy tips. Some tips to ease teething in babies are as below:

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  • Cold food or drinks
Cold and chilled food and drinks will help to relieve the swollen gums which will relax the baby. Freeze carrots, cucumber, beetroot, also the fruits which the baby loves to eat. You can give it chilled to them so that it will soothe the gums. Also cold milk, juices also helps a lot. Frozen teethers are also a good option.
  • Pressure helps
The baby’s swollen gums can be soothed easily with pressure so you can rub their gums. Make sure you clean your hands or used a gum brush to rub your baby’s gums and it will reduce the discomfort. Wooden teethers are also good toys which helps during teething. Teething crackers and biscuits are another way to help ease teething.
  • Distract from the discomfort
Discomfort and irritation makes a baby tired and cranky, hence we need to distract this dis-comfort to soothe a teething baby. A warm sponge bath, or a warm water bath, or breastfeeding, or rocking a baby to sleep makes them feel more relaxed.
  • Don’t forget the drool
One of the side effects of teething is drooling. Always make sure to keep wash cloths, hankies and wipes handy at your home. Make sure that you dry the baby and wipe the drool regularly so that you avoid skin irritations and use a gentle moisturizing cream or lotion to keep the skin hydrated for a long time.
  • Topical medicines
There are a number of gels, creams, and medications, which can be applied on the gums to reduce discomfort. However, make sure that you check with your doctor before using any medications as a precaution. Numbing gels or creams that you rub on your baby's gums to relieve teething pain and relaxes the baby. Always make sure to clean your baby’s gums and teeth regularly to keep any bacterial infections away. It’s also time to think about regular dental check-ups.