Early Development Toys

It is a lie if someone tells that babies don’t play. Even though they do not do much but they are taking everything in and learning from a very tender age and hence it is vital to imbibe these learnings in them. With so many choices, brands and varieties shopping the right toys for your baby is a tough task. The milestones like reaching, pressing, babbling, crawling, talking, walking that makes us proud as parents depict that our children are developing and growing. Even though every child is different and develop at their own pace but providing a learning experience with developmental toys is very crucial. Of many popular toys, some developmental toys, which would help your kids, are as below:
  • Rattles and teethers
These toys can be used starting from 2 months. It is best to use silicone teethers with cooling agent in that and rattles with perfect handles needs to be selected. These toys will help and encourage the children to grab and hold the things and also they are perfect while teething. The silicone teethers with cooling agent are so good to soothe a teething baby. They are convenient to carry while travelling as well.
  • Stackers
Stacking and organizing is one of the great ways to teach the kids with colors and shapes as well. Here they learn to hold and arrange the stacks in a sequence. The sorting patterns will encourage the bay to think and improves concentration. Stackers with colors, numbers, shapes are more encouraging.
  • Building Blocks
The building blocks toys come in a variety as per the age groups. These block toys encourage a child to build, create and invent new things. Building blocks also help the child to improve his/her imagination, concentration and also be more creative. It is a great set to the toy collection.
  • Jigsaw puzzles
Puzzles come in a variety and have a very positive effect on a child. There are different kinds of puzzles as per the age groups. The easier versions at an early age and as the child grows the complexity increases. These toys support the child to sort things and arrange them accordingly. It also improves their thinking and intellectual power while doing the puzzles. Parental help is needed at the start.
  • Other developmental toys
  • Balls
  • Ride on toys
  • Play doughs
  • Paints and colors
  • Matching cards memory games
  • Counting toys
  • Pianos or boards with numbers and alphabets
  • Musical toys with rhymes