Delightful Subscription Boxes For Women – A Must-Have During Pregnancy And Post Delivery

Pregnancy is a time of mixed emotions. While mums-to-be cannot wait to meet the little person that is soon to be born, the massive changes in their bodies and also in their lives can be quite overwhelming at times. It is a time when one needs every bit of pampering and care. This is when friends and family step up and do their best to make a woman feel special, loved, and relaxed.

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If you too have a mom-to-be amidst you either in the family, the friend circle or at work, make her feel special, by gifting the delightful Subscription boxes from Mama And Peaches. The perfect way to celebrate the journey of pregnancy and mama hood, these are one of the Best Subscription Boxes for Women that can be sent every month, even after the baby has arrived. The specially curated boxes from Mama and Peaches are ideal for moms-to-be and new mums. Being parents who have been through most delights and tumbles of having a baby, the founders Tanya and Varun Ghai have beautifully understood what women need during this phase of life and have put it all in this delightful subscription box. Never Run Out Of Ideas Anymore Mama and Peaches knows how hard it is to find that perfect gift for a mom-to-be. Pregnancy leaves you with lots of needs and these keep changing with every trimester. As a result, most gifts become redundant just too soon. What if you had someone else curate the perfect gift box for you that is tailor made for a specific phase of pregnancy or mama-hood? Something that changes with the changing needs of the new mum and stays updated through it all? Well, Mama and Peaches Subscription Boxes for Women, do just that for you. You can find everything in one cute care package. Each box comes with 5-7 cute pregnancy gifts for the mom-to-be or the new mom and the baby. What To Expect Inside From products to help mom calm her nerves, to toys and goodies for the baby, and just cute trinkets to remind her that she is doing a wonderful job; there’s a lot to find in there.
  • Safe and certified baby products: Be it baby creams, rattles, teethers, diapers, apparel, or bibs that come as gifts for your peach, every product comes with the assurance of being safe and certified.
  • Beauty and bath products for mom: So how do you get over the baby blues? Just pamper yourself with some of the best body butters, perfumes, face masks, make up products, essential oils, soaps and more that are selected especially to keep the new mom feeling great through this rather interesting journey.
  • Apparel and accessories: For the baby and the mom, Mama and Peaches picks out some of the most adorable accessories and apparels to add an element of interest in the box. Carefully selected as per the stage of pregnancy or mama hood, these items lend a splash of color and up the cuteness quotient for both mama and her peach.
  • Exciting surprises: Late night cravings? Gloomy days? Just in the mood to be pampered? No matter what mommy wants, you will have it covered with the exciting surprises in each box that range from soothing organic drinks, snacks, beauty products and special keepsakes and trinkets.
The Best For Baby And Mommy Every product that is in these subscription boxes is completely organic. Keeping mom and her peach safe and happy is the priority. All products are sourced from some of the best brands so that you know you can put your trust in them. This is one of the top women’s subscription gift boxes and comes beautifully packaged for added visual charm. After all, half the excitement of the gift is in the way it is packed! You can also up-cycle this box for storing your favorite goodies. It does not matter where you are, you can send your love to your pregnant friend or relative through this simple online subscription options. It conveys you care and would love to make this journey fun and interesting for her. Great Value For Money Every box comes packed with gifts worth Rs.3500, made available for just Rs.1999. Needless to say, it is great value for your money. Each box is planned carefully keeping the requirements in mind. The idea is to keep mommy guessing and ensure that she has a big smile on her face every time she sees a box. That is why every month the box features a unique theme! You can choose from various subscription plans available. Pick a monthly plan, a 3-months plan, or a 6-months plan. Get great discounts for loyalty when you choose the 3-6 month plans. Just click on the “get the box” link, send us your details and we will have your package delivered to your doorstep. If this sounds fun, moms can simply gift themselves a subscription box and enjoy the pampering that follows month after month. Pregnancy is different and has different kinds of challenges for each mom. No matter what your story is, here is your chance to have a little fun and enjoy the transition into mama hood with Mama and Peaches.

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