How To Find The Best Gift For Pregnant Sister

Being an aunt or an uncle is the best feeling ever. Knowing that you will have a little person that you can play with and spoil is exhilarating. And, the person who makes this possible, your sister, is the lady of the moment. Finding a gift that can truly express everything that you feel is definitely not easy. If you are looking for sentimental gifts for pregnant sister, you have so many choices out there that it can truly be very confusing. In addition, what really holds emotional value during pregnancy is a gift that your sister can actually use during those months and remember you fondly for. If all this seems nerve wrecking to you; do not worry, look no further, Mama and Peaches has you covered.

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A care package like never before

Mama and Peaches creates specially curated subscription boxes that are perfect for your pregnant sister. There is a special thought behind every small gift idea for your pregnant sister that these boxes come up with each month. Here is s a list of gifts that have been voted as favorites by all the women that these packages have been delivered to:
  • Beauty and bath products: Be it a luxurious hydrating moisturizer or a relaxing bath salt, it just what a mommy-to-be needs to calm her nerves when she is handling the stress of carrying a baby. The range includes all organic and natural products that are safe for both the mother and the baby.
  • Daily essentials: We understand that hair and skin take the first hit with the pregnancy hormones. To keep mamma protected and pampered, we offer a range of organic lip balms, creams, shampoos and oils that she can use on a daily basis to feel refreshed and wonderful.
  • Special maternity wear: Mama and Peaches selects some of the most tastefully designed apparel for mom to be. Along with them come the choicest accessories to complete the look. The apparel and accessories can be mixed and matched to resolve the wardrobe woes of moms to be completely.
  • Top-of-the-line make up products: Make up can be tricky when you are buying it for someone who is expecting. We make sure that every Makeup product that is included is organic and contains no toxins that may harm the baby or the mother.
  • Cookies, goodies and more: We want mom-to-be to have some of the tastiest treats to get her through those cravings. Our gourmet treats are organic and safe. They are also supremely tasty to satisfy mommy with every bite. You see, a happy mom is equal to a happy baby. And, what better way to keep her happy that to keep the tasty treats coming?
  • Products for the baby: We have mamma’s back for several months after the baby is born. From rattles and teethers perfect for newborns to exciting activity kits, these boxes leave nothing for mamma to worry about. It is all about making sure that she is fully ready to keep baby entertained and even have a good time herself while she plays with her baby.

A box of love indeed

Every box is packaged carefully to make it the best gift for newly pregnant sister. Mama and peaches is all about quality and that is why these subscription boxes only include brands that are the best in the market and also trustworthy in terms of safety. Of course, what good is all the quality in the world if you are unable to create memories and experiences to match it? These boxes include a handwritten letter that make them even more special. Each month is a new experience as the boxes come with a monthly theme. That way, mommy to be is always excited and is kept guessing each month. There are 5-9 items included in each package to not only match the theme but to also take care of everything that mom-to-be needs. And, there is a special surprise gift each month.

Easy subscription options

Subscribing to one of these boxes is as simple as logging on to the website and clicking on the “get a box” button. You can choose packages that are entirely for the mommy to be, entirely for the baby or for both mama and her peach. Monthly subscription boxes are priced at Rs.1999 and give you great value as each box includes products worth Rs.3500. You can choose from the three month and six month packages to get deals and offers that are not to be missed. Mama and Peaches hopes to make every box a special message from you to your sister. Every box is about celebrating the bond between you and your sister that is going to be stronger than ever before once the baby arrives. Here is to being the best aunt or uncle there ever was!

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