Gift for expecting Mothers

Do you have a mom-to-be amidst your circle? Are you going crazy thinking of what gift to give her to make her feel special during her pregnancy? Are you making a list and checking it twice? Are you worried that whatever you buy is not going to be good enough, useful enough, or special enough for her?

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Give The Gift Of A Happy Mamahood

Well, we completely understand your dilemma simply because we understand the needs of pregnant women too well. We also get how these varied needs make it extremely difficult for someone to pick up just one specific gift for the mum-to-be. It is these needs and our understanding of them that inspired us to put together the wonderful subscription boxes by Mama & Peaches. Each box comes tailor made to suit a mum-to-be or a new mum’s needs. Great gifting solutions our boxes come filled with organic and natural goodies to delight the receiver. Here are some gifting pointers we keep in mind while curating our gift boxes. Take a look, to find some great ideas that might work as your gift guide for pregnant women to help you find the perfect options for your pregnant spouse, sister or friend.

10 Best Gifts To Buy Expecting Moms in 2018

  • Essential oils kit
Pour them in a diffuser or just add a few drops to a warm bath and these oils can work wonders to help mom-to-be relax and calm down. These oils not just reduce stress but also improve sleep; just what she needs.
  • Pampering hamper for mommy
If mommy is unable to visit the spa, you bring the spa to her with a specially packaged pamper-hamper. Include bath salts, body scrubs, body butters, creams, and massage oils that will leave her feeling completely soothed and relaxed.

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  • Nursing and maternity wear
With the body changing so quickly, mommy to be can use all the help that she can get to reassemble her wardrobe. You can pick from a range of maternity and nursing wear that suit her taste and her requirements.
  • Beauty and make up products
A touch of glamour is always welcome. There are daily essentials like lip balms, lipsticks and moisturizers that can be included in a kit along with some indulgent products like eye shadows and blushes.
  • Baby care kit
Equip mom-to-be with everything that she will need to take care of the little when he or she arrives. From cute little socks, baby bath products, gloves, bibs, diaper kits to washcloths and baby snuggle towels, make a kit with everything that the baby needs from the time he or she wakes up until bedtime.
  • Playtime essentials
Mama and her peach will most likely be spending a lot of time playing once the baby has arrived. Make this even more fun with special toys that the baby can use as he or she grows up. Play mats and even safety tools such as a baby gate can be a great expecting mom gift.
  • Trinkets and Keepsakes
Keepsakes like photo frames, handmade gifts or customized gifts will never go out of fashion. They are the perfect option if you want to make memories that you and mom-to-be can both look back at together and share some smiles and laughs.
  • Nutritious goodies
A healthy lifestyle is the best gift that you can give to an expecting mom. A care package with nutritious smoothies, juices, spreads, sauces, cookies and more will help her eat healthy and make the right choices even with all those pregnancy cravings. Tasty and healthy is the way to go with these goodies.
  • A touch of tradition
So many traditional Indian gifts actually keep the wellness of mama and her baby in mind. For instance, a set of copper utensils is not only a tasteful gift but is also known to have several health benefits for expectant mothers.
  • Jewelry and Accessories
When you fall short of ideas, jewelry is the way to go. Whether it is funky junk jewelry or something more traditional, you can never go wrong with accessories and jewelry. If you are buying, maternity wear, how about choosing matching accessories to make a complete set?

Subscription boxes for everything that you need

Mama and peaches curates special gift boxes for pregnant women that include most items from the list above and a lot more. Each month, you receive a set of gifts valued at over Rs.3500 for just Rs.1999. Besides being great value for money, these boxes are the perfect expecting mom gift because:
  • The products are organic and safe for the mom to be and her baby.
  • They include only the most trusted brands to ensure quality and safety.
  • Each month comes with a special theme to make the boxes more exciting and fun.
  • Every box has a special handwritten note for the mom-to-be.
  • The packaging makes every time you receive a box a special moment.
All you have to do is subscribe to one of the packages, which includes either a monthly, 3-month or a 6-month package. Then choose if you want a box for the mom, the baby or both of them. The boxes will be home delivered each month for the subscribed period. Mama and Peaches boxes are indeed special as they have been designed and curated by new parents, Tanya and Varun Ghai to help other parents-to-be, enjoy this wonderful journey.

Discover products for a Happy MAMAHOOD – MaMaAndPeaches