Diwali Gifts for Your Little Ones

Diwali Gifts for Your Little Ones

Diwali is just around the corner and you must have already started with the preparations. From cleaning the house to decorating every room, you must be swamped with chores by now. But no matter how busy you are, you cannot miss out on the one thing your peach has been waiting so eagerly for - something wonderful wrapped in colorful papers AKA the Diwali gift.

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While it’s relatively easy to choose a gift for adults, it can get very confusing when you start looking for Diwali gifts for your little ones. Don’t fret mommies - check out these awesome ideas and plan the perfect surprise for your child:

#1 A box full of joy

When it comes to gifts, almost all the kids automatically think about toys. But they will surely be blown away when they receive a whole box full of interesting toys to play with. Check out this amazing, gender-neutral Diwali gift box for the little one, which is perfect for kids below 2-3 years. From wooden stackers, puzzles or soft toys to alphabet flashcards, this box is loaded with toys that are not just fun but also helpful in the proper growth and development of your toddler.

#2 A hamper for the princess

Well you know it already - it’s really hard to impress the adorable little princess. She wants everything to be top notch, just the way she is. Just a bunch of toys? Nope, not a good idea. You need something fun, versatile yet perfect in every way - something just like this Diwali box for toddler girls. It has an adorable llama crossbody bag, a yummy chocolate bar, lovely hair clips, a stick puzzle and a board book full of illustrations.

#3 Go traditional

Festive seasons are just the perfect occasion for a mom to dress her child in adorable Indian attires. But since it’s Diwali and your child will be playing and running around close of fireworks and crackers, it is highly important to pay special attention to the fabric your little one wears. Made from special milk protein fabric, these classy yet cute kurta pajama set will be perfect for your little boy. You can opt for this stylish kurta with dhoti pants set, made with the same organic cotton fabric, for the little diva in your house.

#4 Need a little sweetness

Festive celebrations are incomplete without sweets and chocolates. Try this yummy chocolate bar from Mama and Peaches which brings you the joys of simple flavours. With toffee and caramel centre, this unique bar is sure to be a hit among the kids.

#5 A fun puzzle game

Teach your little peach to have a quiet and peaceful Diwali celebration at home. Sit together with the kids and bring out this interesting Diwali special puzzle which has Ravan’s 10 heads on beautifully painted sticks. While they solve the puzzle, you can make it even more fun yet educational by introducing them to our mythology and culture.

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