Great Baby Girl Gifts Perfect for 2 Years Old

Finding gifts for a 2 year old can be a lot of fun. This is the age when they are learning so much about themselves and the world around them. So, the gifts that you pick for a two year old should help in doing just that. These gifts must encourage the little one to be more active and to learn new things. Some of the best gift options for a 2 year old baby girl are:

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  • A Dollhouse: Children learn a lot through role play. There is no better gift to encourage this than a doll house. The little one will learn about different rooms in a house, will make up stories about the dolls living in the house and can create a little world of their own when playing with these dollhouses.
  • Plush bowling kits: These bowling kits come with stuffed pins and a soft ball. Children love to throw things around when they are of this age. This is a great way to fulfill the need to throw while ensuring that the child is safe and that nothing in the house is broken. This bowling kit can develop several skills such as fine and gross motor skills and eye hand coordination as well.
  • Shapes picnic basket: A picnic basket loaded with building blocks and shapes are a great way to teach the little one about them. The colorful picnic basket also helps you teach the little one about keeping their belongings safe and also to pick up after themselves. They also contain utensils such as plates and spoons to complete the picnic basket.
  • Baby’s first tricycle: Kids this age love to explore and what better way to do this than on a tricycle. Be it cruising around in the house or in the backyard, a tricycle also keeps the child physically active and keeps muscles engaged while they have fun.
  • Nurturing baby dolls: These dolls look like little babies and come with several outfits and accessories that the little one can use to play dress up. They also double as great sleeping aids for little ones as they feel comfortable with their own baby doll around them.
  • If you run out of ideas for gifts, Mama and Peaches has you covered with monthly subscription boxes. They contain several useful products for mom and the baby. For instance, the September issue features “Pink and Blue” By Ritu Vaishnav that helps parents teach little ones about gender stereotypes. There are lot more goodies and surprise each month. So, get your box now!
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