Serena Williams Drops The Truth About Being A Breast-Feeding, Tennis Superstar Mommy

If you are breastfeeding, you know the woes that come with it. Your breasts are never the same size and this be quite the challenge, especially if your job is as physically demanding as that of Serena Williams.

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Williams who had daughter Olympia recently can relate to this all too well. She spoke about the challenge of changing breast size of lactating moms in an interview with InStyle magazine recently. Serena says, “I have to pump in the locker room before any match because my boobs get so big. After pumping, they come down a size or two and then, I go out and play.” Williams has always been candid about breast feeding and balancing it with her career that is so physically demanding. In another interview with Harper’s Bazaar, she also revealed that just like other working moms, she too has been penalized for taking off after giving birth. She also said that she would have to give up breast feeding before the Wimbledon next month, as advised by coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Just like all new moms, Williams too has conflicted feelings about stopping breastfeeding and deciding when to do that. Of course, with little Olympia taking to solid foods, this dilemma has been eased. Williams talks about how the highlight of her day is still feeding her daughter and being with her. As for her career, she has some strict training rules in place so that she can give her daughter all the time she needs. You can also read this - Pregnancy Gift Basket