Lessons that mother around the world can learn from New Zealand’s Prime Minister who delivered her baby while still in office

If you think that becoming a mother can make it challenging for you to accept any position of leadership professionally, then you can take notes from Jacinda Arden. She gave birth to her baby while she held the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand. This amazing feat has been accomplished only once in the past.

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On June 21st, Arden posted a family portrait on Instagram to introduce her baby girl to the world. “Welcome to our village wee one” she captioned this adorable picture. After the late Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto gave birth to her son in the year 1988 while campaigning for the post and her daughter in the year 1990 while in office, Arden is only the second woman to have successfully entered motherhood while holding a post of this Bhutto’s son recalls, “When my mother was pregnant with my sister, Bhaktawar, her post was challenged for this very fact. After all the constitution does not have any provision for maternity leave.” Arden enjoyed a maternity leave of six weeks and has set an example for women across the globe. Working mothers have often been penalized with low perceived competent, low rates of promotions and low salaries as well. She has proved that a women can be a mother and a leader all at once. Of course, she acknowledges that she has had immense support and privileges that most working moms may not enjoy. You can also read this - First Birthday Gift Ideas for Boys and Girls Pregnancy Gifts for first time Moms Best gift for Pregnant Sister Pregnancy Gift Basket