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Newborn Photography Tips to Freeze the Moments

No joy is greater than welcoming a newborn into your life. It is a momentous occasion filled with a whirlwind of emotions that only parents understand. As new parents, you're probably eager to capture every fleeting expression, every baby movement, and every adorable yawn of your little one. This is where the magic of newborn photography comes into play. Newborn photoshoot offers you the opportunity to freeze these precious moments in photographs that become the best memories of a lifetime. But if you are planning to click newborn photos at home without professional assistance, it’s not as easy as it seems. You cannot keep babies in the same position to capture that perfect image under the right lighting for a long time. They constantly move and the only still photograph you might be able to capture is when they are sleeping. So if you are scouring through the internet for some infant photography tips, this blog is right here for you! 

Importance of Capturing Newborn Photos

We only get a short period to seize the most beautiful and innocent moments of our kids’ lives. Such moments only present themselves in our lives with their full glory only quite a few times. And they pass in a blink of an eye. So why not arrest these precious moments when they last? 

The first days and weeks of your baby's life are filled with unparalleled beauty and tenderness. Newborns grow at an astonishing pace, and before you know it, those trembling and crawling legs will stand strong and run on the fields at full pace. Before you bid adieu to these fleeting moments, capture them through camera lenses and create timeless memories that you can revisit whenever you want.

Along with preserving the little memories, it’s also a great way to announce the news of your new parenthood. If you have relatives who haven’t been able to meet your little one yet, sending a picture to them is perfect to let them cherish the infant and its innocence as well. 

Newborn Photography Tips for Timeless Memories

As you now know why newborn photography is so important and popular among parents, it’s time to get a hold of newborn photography tips to do the newborn photoshoot session in style:  

1. Lighting Matters

A newborn photography session is all about the right lighting. Those soft, angelic, warm shots of your baby only become a real moment when you choose a photoshoot location where natural light is abundant. If you are working with artificial light, you must always go for incandescent bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs. Harsh lighting often creates unwanted shadows on your baby that look unflattering. 

2. Keep It Cosy

Who doesn’t love those warm and snug baby images where babies are so comfortable that they radiate heavenly peace? If you want to achieve the same energy during your newborn photoshoot, ensure that the photography room temperature is comfortable for your soft, mushy little one. Create a cosy environment for the newborn photos using blankets, wraps, and props. The best way to do this is to opt for an in-home newborn photoshoot session. 

3. Patience Is Key

Newborns follow their schedule. If you are in a hurry or force your baby to be in a certain position to replicate the baby pictures we see online, you might end up with images that do no justice to your infant’s cuteness. Make your baby feel comfortable and you will capture the best newborn photos at home. If your baby needs a break for feeding or a diaper change, take the time to attend to their needs. A happy, content baby makes for the best photographs.

4. Experiment with Angles

Get creative with your camera angles. Take macro shots such as close-ups of your baby's tiny hands and feet, as well as wide-angle shots that showcase the entire scene of you and your baby. Experiment with different perspectives to find the most enchanting shots.

Preparing Infants for the Photography Session

Parents often become so involved in the newborn photography ideas with parents, that they start compromising their baby's safety. It shouldn’t ever happen. A newborn is a fragile life. Being careful while handling it has no alternative. It’s not only about maintaining safety when your baby is in your lap, but it’s also about how you use the props. Many parents often go overboard with the number of props or in pursuit of the best image, try to fit their babies anywhere. To make the infant photography session safe and enjoyable, it’s best to maintain a comfortable temperature at the photoshoot location. Also don’t forget to dress the baby in comfortable baby clothes as you find in Mama & Peaches. Always have someone close by to spot and support the baby when you keep your baby in an elevated or unstable position. And always choose baby-safe and baby-friendly, soft, non-toxic props. Avoid any objects with sharp edges or small parts that could pose a choking hazard.

Make your newborn photography session a wonderful experience by keeping the baby all dressed up in the comfiest kurta set, jhablas & vests, swaddles, and rompers, and using nursery decor, all from Mama & Peaches, a baby products store. Simply follow these newborn photography tips and tricks for stunning images that portray the love and joy your newborn brings to your life.

Frequently Asked Questions on Newborn Photography

1. What should a newborn wear for newborn photos?

The best clothes for a newborn during infant photography are swaddles, soft and neutral-toned sleep sacks, wraps or blankets. You can also choose cute, simple, cotton or muslin vests, rompers and angrakha kurta sets for newborn photos.

2. When should newborn photos be taken?

The ideal time for newborn photos is within the first two weeks to a month of your baby's life. During this period, they mostly sleep soundly and curl up into those adorable poses. But don't worry if you miss this window. You can capture those beautiful images within the first three months of a baby’s birth.