Make Your Infant Winter Ready With These Essential Ideas

Make Your Infant Winter Ready With These Essential Ideas

There’s no greater joy than welcoming a little one in your family. As new parents, you and your partner feel a wave of emotions that you have experienced never before. Since the day you came to know about the happy news, you might be preparing for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.  As we all heavily depend on the internet, you might have also conducted your own research for the list of baby essentials to ensure comfort and style for your little one. Amidst so many brand options, it’s pretty common for new parents like you to be confused to decide whom to rely on for the infant’s linen needs. But not anymore! Mama & Peaches is a kid-friendly brand that stocks essentials of your baby to let him/her enjoy a good night’s sleep. Elevate their winter wardrobe with an infant winter wear collection that’s a perfect blend of functionality, warmth, and fashion-forward designs.

1.       Quilted Sleep Sacks

sleep sacks

Experience tranquil nights with our party pups sleep sack designed for your little one. Featuring a side zip for easy diaper changes, this soft and cosy sack ensures a secure sleep environment. Choose from our nine unique collections tailored for children aged 0–18 months. Crafted from 100% cotton, it offers ultimate comfort. Dimensions for 0–6 months include a length of 25” and a 17” waist, while 6–18 months sizing boasts a 29” length and 20” waist.

2.       Thermals Upper

Thermal upper

Prepare your little one for winter with our cosy round-neck thermal top. This long-sleeved girls’ thermal is designed to regulate body temperature, keeping your child warm even in freezing conditions. Crafted from soft and warm cotton modal, it’s perfect for layering under any outfit. Available in three beautiful colours, this lightweight yet thick thermal ensures comfort. For care, hand-wash in cold water or use a gentle machine cycle, then dry on low to medium heat. Use mild detergent and avoid bleach or chlorine. Get this premium thermal to keep your child snug throughout the chilly season.

3.      Rainbow Velvet Romper

Velvet Romper

Introducing our cosy fleece winter romper collection, ensuring warmth for your little one on cold days and nights. Explore 5 special editions like Sweet Rabbit Velvet Romper with Sherpa in Pink and Mauve, Pink Car Fleece Romper with Sherpa, Rainbow Velvet Romper with Sherpa, and Blue Car Fleece Romper with Sherpa. Key features include comfortable head-to-toe covering, a buttoned front for easy wear, snap buttons for quick diaper changes, and sizes up to 12 months. Made with 100% cotton interlock fabric, Sherpa fleece lining, machine washable, and extra softened with a gold finish.

4.       Thermals Romper

Thermals Romper

A thermal romper is a one-piece garment designed for warmth during cold weather. Embrace winter comfort with our thermal romper for babies, perfect for chilly seasons. With insulating properties crafted from premium thermals and soft cotton modal, this one-piece garment regulates your baby’s body temperature, ensuring warmth even in freezing conditions. Versatile enough to wear under any outfit, this romper simplifies your baby’s winter wardrobe. For care, hand-wash gently to preserve the softness and warmth provided by the premium thermal material. 


5. Thermals Lower

Thermals Lower

Embrace winter warmth with our off-white thermal lower, perfect for the chilly season. Crafted with insulating properties, it regulates body temperature, keeping you cosy even in freezing conditions. Versatile for any outfit, this premium thermal, made with soft cotton modal, ensures comfort. Available in two beautiful colours and various sizes, it suits your little one’s needs. 

5.       Knitted Beanie with a Bow

Knitted Beanie with a Bow

A “Knitted Beanie With A Bow” is a winter hat crafted through interlocking loops of yarn, providing warmth and texture. The addition of a bow enhances its style, adding a touch of femininity or charm. Beyond functionality, this beanie offers a fashion-forward design, making it a stylish accessory for colder weather.

6.       Navy Blue Hooded Cardigan

Hooded Cardigan

Snuggle your little one in style with our warm navy blue buttoned jacket, adorned with glitter polka dots and a cute bow detail. This long-sleeved cardigan, made from 100% cotton with extra softened yarn, guarantees a safe and comfortable fit for your baby’s gentle skin. The hood adds an extra layer of cosiness, and the cinched hem and cuffs keep cold air at bay. Ensure warmth and style with Mama & Peaches. 


Do your best to keep your little one cosy and warm as you enter into the new, and beautiful phase of parenthood. With Mama & Peaches beside you, you do not need to worry about where to find premium-grade infant winter essentials. We have all the essentials like baby clothes and accessories for your bundle of joy.

The carefully curated thermals, rompers, and accessories listed on our online shop ensure your little one feels comfortable and looks like a little star.

Mama & Peaches takes pride in its products and lets you enjoy the ease of ordering online and get them delivered at your doorstep. Create happy memories with your kid with the support of Mama & Peaches.