How to Bond with an Infant - A Guide to Mother Bonding with Newborn

How to Bond with an Infant - A Guide to Mother Bonding with Newborn

There is nothing more exciting and joyous than welcoming a newborn into your life. It is the start of a new journey that you have been looking forward to for months and now the little one(s) is finally here. But your responsibility escalates a few times with your baby’s arrival. Along with keeping the vulnerable precious one safe from harm, bonding with the newborn is also a new mom’s duty. The unique connection between a mother and her kid goes beyond the physical and is essential for your baby's emotional and cognitive development. Because the mother bonding with the newborn is the beginning of a connection that might last a lifetime and shape both the child’s and mother’s lives. If you are a new mom or have a new mom in your life, this guide is for you. Here we'll explore the significance of newborn bonding with mothers, provide practical tips on baby bonding, and answer some common questions that new mothers wonder.

Why is Mother-Infant Bonding Essential?

Bonding is not just a fleeting moment; it's the foundation of a lifetime relationship between a mother and her baby. Research shows a strong bond with newborns helps mothers handle postnatal depression more effectively (1) and children experience the benefits of brain development (2). As a mother takes a keen interest in bonding with her newborn, the baby learns the skills of bonding and establishing relationships in his/her social circle as he/she grows up. Babies develop a sense of trust, and self-esteem, and feel at ease to develop interpersonal relationships in the future.

Beyond the developmental advantages of the baby, mother-infant bonding also positively influences the mother. It makes the new mom inclined to be protective over her little one and take the best care of her baby. Baby bonding creates a comforting environment that benefits both the mother and the baby. 

But it’s not a one-day process. Just like any other developmental process, bonding with a newborn also takes time and it grows gradually. Following a few simple tips on newborn bonding with the mother can help in a child’s development. Let’s check them out: 

5 Tips on How to Bond with Your Baby

Here’s a list of proven tips to promote mother-infant bonding:

1. Skin-to-skin contact

Cuddle your baby as much as possible. Keep them close to you most of the time. The more you keep them physically close, it triggers the release of oxytocin that bonds the mother and baby in a closer connection. Even if you cannot cuddle them, gentle massages, soothing strokes on their forehead, and simply holding your baby's hand can do the trick.

2. Eye Contact and Facial Expressions

Babies understand when you are talking to them, happy seeing them, or responding to their needs. Unbroken eye contact and fun facial expressions help them understand your love for them. This non-verbal communication emotionally bonds you and your baby without uttering a single word.

3. Wrap Your Baby

Carry Nests

Recreating the feeling of the baby inside the womb makes them feel the safest. So wrapping them in  carry nests, sleep sacks or swaddles replicate the same level of comfort that they were habituated with even a few weeks or months ago. Help your baby feel safe for baby bonding. 

4. Be Responsive

Follow a feeding schedule to keep your little one full or don’t ignore the little one’s cry. Make your kid feel secure in your presence and learn how to communicate with babies in a non-verbal manner. 

5. Sing Songs to Them

Babies love the rhythm of music and songs. So sing a song to them at the feeding or sleep time to soothe them. 

Newborn bonding with the mother is a crucial step in parenthood. Babies grow in a blink of an eye. Your little one who is crawling today will go to school in a few years. They grow before you even realize that they won't always be this small. So shower your love on them, nourish them using the right baby products, and enjoy the journey of building a lifetime relationship with your newborn. You can also make the mother-infant bonding simple with Mama & Peaches. Get all baby essentials for all ages delivered to your doorstep. We understand babies grow fast. So our products accommodate your little one’s needs without fail. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Bonding with Newborn

How do I know my baby has bonded with me?

Babies show signs of responding to your smiles, recognizing you, staring at you, or holding up their arms to you as proof of baby bonding.

How long does it take for a newborn to bond with their mother?

Mother-infant bonding usually takes a few months to a year.