Travelling with Your Little One: A Guide to Infant Travel Essentials


Fun, leisure and enjoyment take a backseat in every new mom’s life. Travelling being one of the fun and leisure activities for most, also becomes non-existent as the baby arrives. But sometimes a mobile life can be mandatory for many reasons and even can be an exciting adventure with a baby. It indeed comes with its own set of challenges but you can sort it out by sticking to an infant travel checklist. So whether you're planning a road trip, taking a flight, or hopping on a train, caring for an infant on the go requires planning and a well-thought-out baby travel kit. In this guide, we'll dive deep into the essentials for travelling with a baby. Let's explore the must-haves list for travelling with your little one to make the journey enjoyable for both you and your baby:

The Infant Travel Essentials for Moms

Travelling before your baby’s arrival might be light and may not necessitate as much planning since you have brought the little one home. But travelling looks different for new moms with a vulnerable infant who depends on them for everything. The precious new life also needs protection from the environmental stressors during the move. So here is a list of infant travel essentials to keep the journey smooth:

1. Diapers

The first and foremost important item in every infant travel checklist is diaper bag essentials. Always carry around diapers and wipes with you. Pack extra pacifiers, a light blanket, and baby clothes for added safety. 

2. Carry Nests

Keep your baby comfortable no matter where you are. While travelling, you may not always get access to baby essentials and it may leave you with a crying baby. Baby carry nests can be the easiest solution to keep your baby comfy and happy on the go no matter where you are during travels. 

3. Rompers 

Dress up your baby in comfortable rompers to keep him/her happy and cosy during travel. The soft, breathable fabrics of the rompers keep them at ease 24*7.

4. Baby Products

A baby travel kit must always contain baby lotion, baby shampoo and disposable bags for emergencies. These baby products on hand ensure you are prepared for any unexpected situations.

5. A Feeding Kit

If your baby is still breastfeeding, make sure you have all the necessary supplies – from bottles and formula to breast pumps. For those transitioning to solid foods, bring along convenient snacks and a spill-proof baby cup.

6. Travel-Friendly Toys

Keep your baby engaged during the journey with small, lightweight toys on long trips.

7. Portable Changing Mat

Accidents happen, and a portable changing mat can turn any clean surface into a diaper-changing station. A compact, foldable mat that easily fits into your travel bag is a mom’s best buddy on the go.

8. Cute Hats

Travelling around tropical areas or beaches asks for baby hats to keep your baby safe from harsh sun rays.

9. Sleepsuits

Helping your baby fall asleep while travelling is the biggest responsibility of parents. Soft, cosy sleepsuits that make your baby feel at home are essentials for travelling with a baby. 

10. Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rash keeps your baby awake and makes them cranky. As your baby might be mostly in diapers while travelling a diaper rash cream comes in handy.

11. Dish Soap

Liquid baby-friendly dish soap or dish soap papers in your baby travel kit let you clean baby utensils whenever you need them.

12. Sanitiser

Newborn travel essentials remain incomplete without a bottle of disinfectant. Before meals or after tending the baby, clean your hands and your baby’s as well for hygiene.

13. Teething Ring

Let your baby satiate his/her teething urges using a teething ring.

14. White Noise Machine

A portable tool that creates white noise that babies are familiar with lets them soothe and fall asleep fast. Such machines can turn even noisy surroundings into baby-friendly sleeping spaces.

15. Mosquito Net

A small portable mosquito net keeps mosquitoes away from your little one on the go.

16. Thermometer

Travelling often makes adults sick. As babies are more vulnerable during travels, they often get a fever that a thermometer lets you detect without delay.

17. Swimsuit

A portable inflatable and swimsuit come in handy while you’re travelling. Include that in your infant travel essentials.

18. Child-friendly Book

If your baby is habituated to sleep to a story, a book allows you to just narrate them instead of the hassle of coming up with new ones.

19. Baby Carrier Cover

If you are carrying the baby carrier with you, take a cover for it to keep your baby safe from rain and sunlight.

20. Stroller Clips

If you are carrying the stroller with you while travelling, keep a few clips with you to hang your baby toys or shopping bags on the stroller to keep your hands free.

Some Quick Tips While Packing Your Baby Travel Bag

As you now have the list for travelling with your newborn baby, consider these 6 quick tips to enjoy a hassle-free journey:

  • Prepare a list of newborn travel essentials before packing your bags
  • Keep the infant travel checklist handy while travelling to check what you have handy
  • Keep the most important baby essentials in your handbag 
  • Travel in summer if possible as you need less baby clothes compared to winter or monsoon season
  • Choose plain lands to plan your travels with a newborn
  • Keep your paediatrician’s number on the speed dial

Travelling with a baby requires thoughtful preparation, but with the right essentials, it can be a rewarding experience. Ensure your baby stays comfortable throughout the journey by packing a bag with all newborn travel essentials. When you have this guide in your arsenal, you only need to visit the online store of Mama & Peaches to get baby clothes and baby sleeping necessities delivered to your doorstep and enjoy the coming adventures with your little one. So, pack smart, stay organised, and enjoy the journey with your bundle of joy. Safe travels!