Parenting tips for new Moms

Pregnancy was a task in itself but entering mamahood literally is a wonderful yet scary situation. You may not feel like your own self but on cloud 9 on the sight of your little one but as soon as the mundane reality sets in, you’ll need some major tips and lessons to abide by at least in the first year of your parenthood. Just as always, we are here to make your first year of mamahood a cakewalk and here’s how!

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#1 Buy simple cotton clothing The first thing a mom-to-be and new moms do is shop for their kids. Though all the compartment clothing may fancy you and make your kid look adorable but once the cry-time starts, you and your kid won’t have the patience to style up. Buy simple clothing like onesies and jumpers that are easy to carry and change. Also, make sure that you do not buy all same-size clothing because your newborn will grow at a faster pace than your washing dryer. Always buy different and a bigger size preferably to save your moolah and ensure your child’s comfort. #2 Let your newborn accustom themselves Newborns bring along a lot of new lessons but do not stress and change everything completely according to them. Your child will learn to accustom himself/herself as per your schedule if you let them. Hushing everything and silencing everyone will not help, so do not stress that your child with wake up or start crying if you hustle around while they are napping. #3 Everyone’s journey is different There is no standard first-year mamahood milestone that one has to achieve. Every mama and her peach have a different bond and schedule. You will learn what works for you and your baby over time, there is no set rule for anything and trial and error is the way to go about. While one mother may have an easy feed-time, the other may rely on powdered formulas, so you do not have to compare and worry over anything. #4 Maintain cleanliness This is a mandatory to-do that should be on your list especially after the newborn has arrived. Kid’s immune systems are not as strong as adults and they are more prone to infection and allergies. Make sure their surroundings are clean and hygienic to avoid any ‘could-have-avoided’ health concerns. #5 Support your baby’s neck and back every single time you lift them An infant’s neck is not strong enough to support itself and may go around if you are not careful. It’s not only important to keep them safe from jerks and pain but also for better and proper positional growth of their bones and body. #6 Feed them healthy food despite the tantrums The more you make your kid used to the not-so-tasty but healthy food, the better it will be in the coming years. Your kid’s taste buds grow with time and if they are used to eating meals other than crunchy munchies and chocolate, they are likely to grow better. Don’t force them to finish but feed them to set a palate with healthy nutritive intake on a daily basis post your start semi-solid and solid food phase. #7 Pamper but don’t spoil them It is important to comprehend the difference between pampering and spoiling your child. Do not agree to whatever they say blindly and be logical. If what your child is asking for is good for them, give it but in case it is harmful or not within boundaries, tell them why they cannot have it and explain the harm. This way you will not only inform your child of the cons but also strengthen your bond with them. Raising a child can be pleasurable and difficult at the same time but with days, months and years to come, you’ll be suggesting others what to do and what not like an expert. So, embrace each moment, take things lightly and enjoy every second with your family!