Personalized Baby Shower Gifts Online India

Personalized Baby Shower Gifts Online India

It is extremely difficult to choose a baby shower gift which feels perfect for the mom-to-be. Selecting a perfect gift for this occasion is very important and what better way than to personalize the gifts. This makes the gift very effective in making the mom happy and elated.

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Below are 9 personalized baby shower gifting ideas that you can use to plan for the mother or the baby on the special day.

#1. Mom’s Basket

As the name suggests, make a big basket of assorted items the mom loves and give it to her. It could be her favorite chocolate brand, lipstick color, clothing, etc. It is all about the mom feeling wonderful and this ensures the mother feels so.

#2. Baby’s Basket

Just as the mom’s basket, you can make a baby basket too. Pack all the essentials like baby oil, shampoo, soap, powder, towel, comb etc., all with the baby’s name inscribed in each and every item. This is a wonderful gifting idea.

#3. Small, Personalized, Individual Items

Gifting personalized articles like date diary with the mom’s name in every page, photo frame with the family picture, toiletries like towels, dispensers, etc., with the mom’s name are unique gifts for the baby shower.

#4. Mommy Shoes

Gift comfortable shoes to the mother, those are equally pleasing to the eye. They are easily available online in different colors and different patterns. Choose one that you feel the mother would love to wear and feel good walking in it, and gift her in a wonderfully decorated package. You can further personalize it by getting her initials inscribed onto the bow end of the shoes to make it even more special to her.

#5. Lingerie set for the mom

Women love lingerie as gifts. Period. During pregnancy, there is a lot of hormonal changes leading to some negativity in the mother’s mind. Sometimes all the mother wants is to feel special and gifting lingerie with wordings like “You are always special”, “You are the most beautiful”, and so on, to the mother-to-be, is a wonderful way of expressing that she is still as beautiful and special as she was before.

#6. Baby Toy Set

Personalized toys sets, soft toys, chimes, etc. are excellent gifts for a baby shower as it is all about the mother and the baby. They can be inscribed with cute messages, names of family members and photos. Just make sure to select soft and smooth-edged toys and not the hard-edged and dangerous ones.

#7. Personalized Accessories

Personalized accessories with different aspects of the mother and the family specialties like daddy and mommy images, month-by-month usable, sun sign and moon sign inscribed key chains and key rings are wonderful items that can be clubbed together and gift-wrapped for the mom-to-be on such occasions.

#8. Personalized Family Hampers

Personalized gift items like tee shirts with a family picture, accessories with the first letters of each member’s name, named towels sets of same colors, etc. for the entire family will be a pleasant surprise to all and they would enjoy using them together. They would definitely enjoy posing for pictures wearing the tee shirts.

#9. Special Jewelry For The Mother:

Women love jewelry and gifting the special mommy-to-be with personalized jewel pieces would be a wonderful gift option on a baby shower. You can find beautiful and trendy pieces online in both precious and semi-precious metals. You can shop for your friend or relative for their special occasion through Mama & Peaches where you can even personalized exciting gifting options for both mother and her baby!