Practical Baby Shower Gifts Online India

Practical Baby Shower Gifts Online India

A baby shower ceremony popularly known as ‘Godh Bharai’ in India is a prominent celebration among the women to give gifts to the mom to be, bless her and the new member of the family. Selecting a perfect gift for this occasion can be challenging as you would want to pick up a gift that is not just pretty and colorful but can also be practically useful. Explore The Shop Home Below are nine gifting ideas that practically work well whether you plan to gift the mother or the baby on a baby shower.

#1. Hygiene Basket

Make mommy’s life a little easier with a gift basket containing all the hygiene necessities like diapers, rash lotions, baby wipes, diaper-changing towels, etc. You could gift a good stock of diapers that will help the mother save up on her expenses later.

#2. Bath Set

Gifting a cute little bath tub packed with all the bathing essentials like baby oil, shampoo, soap, lotion, powder, towel, baby brush etc. is a practical gifting idea that not just looks good but also serves the purpose.

#3. Gift A Library

New moms will have numerous doubts right from delivery up-till caressing the baby. Gifting sets of books like parenting books, post-delivery diet recipes, interesting story books and pictorial books for the baby, etc. are unique ideas that can be used not just for a single time but can also be preserved for future use.

#4. DIY Baby Blanket

If you have a hands-on experience at knitting, then you can make colorful baby blankets yourself to gift the mommy-to-be on her baby shower. Use soft fabrics like cotton or soft wool and avoid rough or harsh fabrics while you make one!

#5. Baby Shoes

You can browse online for cute little baby shoes in-case you are running short on time to buy a quick gift for a baby shower. They are not just easily available online but are also available in various designs and colors.

#6. Toy Set

Toys are the safest gifts for a baby shower. Gift a colorful soft-mat with different toys wrapped inside like soft toys, chimes, teethers etc. which makes it look full and apt for the occasion. Make sure to select appropriate toys and not include sharp or hard toys.

#7. Personalized Onesies

Personalize your onesies with different themes like superhero images- Bat-man, Super-man etc. or milestone onesies for with 12 different designs for 12 months and gift it as a set. This gift is unique and will give a personalized touch to your gift.

#8. Accessories

Pregnant mothers love dressing up but would barely have any time or energy to go shopping. Gift elegant accessories that are light weighted and comfortable to be worn even along with the baby. You can also combine these in a hamper with accessories for the baby like tiny hair clips, head bands etc.

#9. Trendy And Durable Hand Bags

Post-delivery, diaper bags are one of the major essential items that a mother would look out for as she will have to carry them to every place and occasion. Gift a set of hand bags with different designs that can be carried to different occasions which is spacious enough to fill in all the baby essentials and also her own. There are a variety of bags available online which are trendy and durable for a good period. You can shop for your friend or relative for their special occasion through Mama and Peaches where we have exciting gifting options for both mother and the baby. They are picked from the best brands just for you and delivered with utmost care! So, go ahead and pick a box or book a subscription for months to come. Checkout our Gift Shop-For That Baby Shower