Pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

When a couple finds out they are pregnant, one of the most exciting things to do is to share the news with all their loved ones and most of all the Grandparents to be. It is obvious that grandparents are more excited for the new bundle of joy as they look forward to relive those fun filled days of childhood again. So if you are wondering how to surprise grandparents with pregnancy news, here are some fun and unique ideas to try:
  1. A Coffee mug
Go to a store which is a pro in making personalized gifts. You can choose a pair of coffee mugs which are unique in shape. Get them printed with your dad and mom’s photograph and caption it with interesting one liners such as – “You will make a wonderful grandma this year” or “Best Grandpa/Grandma-to-be” or “You’re Promoted to Grandpa/Grandma” and many more.
  1. Twinning is a new way
Get t-shirts with some messages printed on it for the new grandparents along with a same small t-shirt for the newbie. Gift them this cute clothing and break the news by surprising them.
  1. Family Tree Greeting
Nothing beats a DIY greeting that showcases a family tree all decorated with party fervor and embellishments. Put everyone’s names on the tree and next to your parents’ names add the words Grand Dad-to-be and Grand Mom-to-be in the brackets. Also, include a spot for your peach-to-be and title it as ‘The World’s Best Baby’. Present the card to your parents with a box of sweets and let them figure it all out.
  1. Fridge magnets
Fridge magnets are a great way to share your pregnancy news with your parents. Get fridge magnets personalized with some adorable messages for the new grandparents and simply place them on their refrigerator at night or when you visit them. They will be stunned and surprised when they find out.
  1. Folding photo-frame
A folding photo-frame with some initial photos already set inside is a great way to share the news with the grandparents. Take a set of frame which has five frames in that. Put the grandparents’ photos and parents’ photos as well. Keep an empty space in the last one with a message on it saying “Coming soon..(Due Date)”. This is a great way to share the news with some nice photos, which can be stored later.
  1. Save the date invites
Make an invite saying “SAVE THE DATE” for the party to share the news. The invite needs to be unique, mention your due date and first sonogram in that to give a personal touch. Throw a party to your parents for your promotion in the family tree.
  1. Grand-parenting books
Break the good news with a Book. There are a number of books available in the market for grandparents. You can collect some 5 to 6 books related to grandparents with some good pictures and short stories to gift the new grandparents.
  1. Other first grandchild announcement ideas
  • Cute onesies with messages for grandparents
  • Blank scrapbook with your first sonogram picture with a message for the announcement
  • A video message
  • A box of cookies with a handwritten note for the announcement
  • A countdown calendar with the due date
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