Pregnancy congratulations gifts

Celebrate the arrival of a new baby by showering mom to be with presents that will help her get through the pregnancy with ease. These gifts will make for lifelong memories and it is not easy to find something that can show her all your emotions. Here are some ideas that mom-to-be will cherish:
  • Baby journals and list book: There are several lovely baby journals that will help mom to be record every step of her pregnancy. Every movement and kick that she feels will be recorded in this book forever. Some books also have the option of putting together pictures to make a scrapbook of sorts of these precious moments.
  • BellyBuds: If the new couple to be loves music, this is the perfect gift for them. BellyBuds are special baby bump headphones that can safely play sound recordings and music to the womb directly. They can be carried around easily and are ideal for the baby. After all, we know that at just 20 weeks, the fetus is able to hear sounds and voices.
  • Pregnancy gift boxes: Choose a gift box like Mama and Peaches for mom to be. These gift boxes come with several essentials for mom to be and the baby. You can subscribe to quarterly and yearly packages as well and let her know that you are always thinking of her.
  • Babysitting vouchers: This is one gift that the mom and dad to be will be extremely thankful for. You can give them a voucher for a number of hours of babysitting after the baby arrives so that they can get some quiet time to relax. This is a way of promising them that you will be there for them through pregnancy and for a long time after.
  • Parenting books: Books like “Girlfriend’s guide to Pregnancy” and “What to expect when you are expecting make the perfect gift for expecting parents. These self-help books will teach them how to handle several situations that pregnancy will put them through. These books make pregnancy easier and can help parents to be find answers to many questions that will come up during this journey.