Newborn Baby Gift Ideas Boy

Wondering what to buy for a newborn baby boy? You certainly want to make your gift stand out but are useful for the baby at the same time. If you want to look beyond onesies and other baby products, here is a list of unique newborn baby gift ideas for little boys.

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  • Mitten and sock hamper: There is nothing more adorable than little socks and mittens for the little one. They keep the baby warm and make sure that he does not scratch himself while he is asleep or when he is playing. You can get special hampers with matching socks and mittens to make each outfit extremely stylish.
  • Toy teethers: Gone are the days of boring teethers that little ones lose interest in in no time. You can buy rattle tethers and also ones that come with several loops and colors that the little one can enjoy while he chews on the teether. This is a great way to keep him entertained, too. Just make sure that they are fully BPA free.
  • Swaddle blanket set: A set of soft and comfortable swaddle blankets can help the little one sleep better. If you are buying them for a little boy, you can choose several prints including dinosaurs, cars and even stars and planets if you do not want to stick to the clichéd blue color.
  • Baby keepsake drawers: These baby drawers are specially made to preserve the most precious memories of the baby. Each draw is labelled with memories like “My first shoes”, “My First Scan”, “My Hospital Bracelet” and a lot more. They are great for archiving all the baby’s items and keeping them organized. You can also have them custom made if you want to include special drawers for your own memories with the little one.
  • First passport cover and luggage tag: If the parents of the newborn boy love to travel, this is a very thoughtful gift. These passport covers and tags come in some of the cutest prints and colors. This is a great way to keep track of all the early travels of the little one.
  • How about sending gifts to the little one even while you are away? Mama and Peaches subscription boxes are the perfect way to do that. These specially made boxes include handpicked products for the baby and the mom to enjoy. Get your box of goodness today.
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