Prepare your Toddler for new Sibling

Prepare your Toddler for new Sibling

Nobody, not even grown-ups like sharing the things they love the most. For kids, nothing can ever be more important than their parents. They feel the utmost comfort and security in the love and pampering of their parents and would do anything to be their center of attention. Therefore, simply breaking the news about a younger one’s arrival and expect them to be as happy is never a good idea.

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If you have watched the movie “Boss Baby”, you already know what we’re talking about. Kids don’t understand why babies need so much attention and care from their parents. They only notice that the pampering they used to get is getting shifted to the newborn and it can make them feel left alone and insecure. This insecurity can soon turn into hatred for their little brother/sister. This sibling rivalry can remain a lifelong scar if you don’t take proper measures in these initial years that’ll form the foundation of their relationship.

Here are a few ways you can not just prepare your firstborn but can get him/her excited to welcome the younger sibling into your family:

#1. Breaking the news

Well, the best way to break the news is, to be honest. But tell it in a way which makes the little kid excited. Show your firstborn his/her own baby pictures. Explain how much attention a baby needs and how helpful it would be for you because your kid is there to help you welcome the baby.

#2. Introduction with other babies

Kids do not understand babies and how they are so delicate and different from others around them. You don’t want the kids to treat the baby the same way they treat their toys. So take your child to a friend’s house who has a baby and give a proper introduction. Make sure you teach them how to gently care and attend to babies as well as educate them about how babies act.

#3. Involve them in the welcoming preparations

Involving the elder kids as you start preparing to welcome the little one into your house, will help them prepare themselves for the major chance. The wait will help them work on their empathy and increase the excitement to finally meet their younger one.

#4. Allow the siblings to bond

Siblings that play together, stay together. Allow your little sibling pair to bond over some quality time together while keeping them under your sight. Let your elder one speak to and tell stories to the little one.

#5. Never let them feel ignored

Sure, your younger one needs all your attention during these initial years of his/her life. But so does your elder one. Take turns with your parenting partner while caring for the baby and make sure to spend some time with your firstborn as well. It would be even better if you can involve your kid while you attend to the baby and allow him/her to help you. This will make them feel important and helpful.
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