Preparing For Your Bundle Of Joy? - Newborn Essentials Checklist Before He/She Arrives

Preparing For Your Bundle Of Joy? - Newborn Essentials Checklist Before He/She Arrives

Pregnancy is a great time for the whole family, spent in anticipation and wait for the baby. Some have it tough, while others have an easy pregnancy. But most are simply getting ready to welcome their bundle home.

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Here are some must-have newborn essentials which you must-have in your welcome baby kit/bag/closet. Go through this checklist to make sure your preparation is on point:

#1. A diaper bag

A spacious diaper bag with multiple compartments to store diapers, baby wipes, changing pad, diaper rash cream and other nappy-time essentials will really come handy once the baby arrives.

#2. Baby clothes

Stock on some comfy sets of onesies, jhablas, nappies, as well as some cozy winter clothes for your little one. Make sure they are made from breathable and natural fabric.

#3. A crib or bassinet or cradle

It is never a good idea to allow your newborn to sleep in your bed with you. Get a sturdy crib or cradle or bassinet and keep it next to your bed so that you can monitor the little one as they sleep. A must-have product would be the Smart Baby Mattress that is a huge help for new mums with cranky infants. It is a soothing add-on to any crib or cot.

#4. Baby bedding

Be very mindful while choosing bedding sets for the newborn. The fabric must be natural and comfortable. Pick some waterproof sheets and macintosh as well. Also, avoid crowding the baby’s crib with too many beddings such as toys, pillows, loose blankets etc. as they can easily suffocate the little one.

#5. Baby swaddles

It’s always a good idea to swaddle your little one for the first couple of months to make the baby feel secure and safe. Always opt for cotton or muslin swaddles that are made from natural and organic raw materials and help the baby’s skin breathe.

#6. Baby skincare essentials

From baby massage oils to baby moisturizers, rash creams to sunscreens you will need a bunch of organic and gentle products made especially for baby’s skin. You cannot use your regular skincare products on your baby’s delicate skin.

#7. Baby feeding essentials

Nothing is ever better than the mother’s breastmilk when it comes to feeding a baby. You will need a breast pump and milk storage containers to keep the excess milk. A nursing pillow, a feeding bottle, a baby bib and a moist cloth or baby wipes will come in handy during the feeding sessions.

#8. Baby bathing essentials

You must buy a great quality bathtub or bathing chair for the baby. In addition, baby-skin-friendly body washes, and shampoos, towels, wraps, and bathrobes do make those initial baths much fun for your baby and you.

#9. Baby mosquito net

A baby mosquito net is essential to keep your little one protected from mosquitoes, insects and any diseases that come with them.

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