Protecting your baby from the mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are a trouble everywhere. Their favorite spots are bushes, parks, roadside eateries, pools, gutters and many more. These fliers don’t spare our homes as well and they cause a lot of diseases which spread very easily especially among kids. They not only bite us but causes skin irritations, rashes, dengue and malaria too. Hence, keep your kids safe from mosquitoes.

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Some tips to keep the mosquitoes away from your little ones are as below:
  • Keep your surroundings clean
It is very important to clean your surrounding areas and do not allow any kind of water stagnation. Keep the things organized and let the sunlight enter your house. Any kind of dampness or dirt will attract more mosquitoes.
  • Bring out the screens and nets
Keep your house closed and put screens and nets for all the windows. This will not let the mosquitoes inside your house. Make a point that your baby sleeps in a sleeping net during day as well as night. While travelling, you can carry these nets, which are chemically treated and elasticated.
  • Cover up
Use the right clothes for your little one. Full sleeves and full pants are apt. You can also put socks and reduce the skin exposure to avoid mosquitoes from biting.
  • Electronic repellent devices
There are a number of electronic repellent devices available in the market, which can be very helpful for you to keep the mosquitoes away, so choose a right brand and it will be helpful.
  • Avoid scented products
Some mosquitoes hunt by sight but some hunt by the scents and smells. The scent of a human body or perfume or lotions or any other cosmetics attract a certain species of mosquitoes. So in case of kids, stay away from scents.
  • Insecticides
Apart from protecting your house from screens and nets, you can use pesticides and insecticides in your bathrooms, surroundings of the house and some places where you have more mosquitoes. This will also prevent future mosquito infestation. These come with chemicals as well as natural sprays.
  • Air Movement
It is very vital to have air movement in your room to keep the mosquitoes away. You can use standing fans or moving fans for this.
  • Other repellents
You have so many roll-ons, sprays; stickers, which can be used on the clothes for you, are your kids. These are herbal and natural and do not harm your child, instead avoid mosquitoes and keep them away from your kid. Parenting can often get stressful. Make it fun with the delightful subscription boxes from Mama and peaches. We have something for both you and your peach. You can also read this - Pregnancy Announcement Gifts Best Maternity Gifts Birthday Gifts for 1 year old Boy Best Organic baby Gifts