Can dogs pass on their illnesses to pregnant owners? New study reveals it all

Who doesn’t love to cuddle with their fur babies? But here is some bad news. A study published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases from the Texas A&M University suggests that pregnant women should be wary of their dogs as they could catch the brucellosis infection.

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This disease is normally spread by livestock like sheep and pigs. But, your dog could have it too if he or she is not spayed or neutered. This dog-specific bacteria stain can cause flu like symptoms that can manifest into arthritis, swelling of the heart, swelling of testicles and even chronic fatigue. Martha Hansel, the lead researcher in this study said that the prevalence of this disease is not really known as all the information available is outdated. It has also been pointed out that unless a pregnant woman comes in contact with the urine or the reproductive parts of the dog, this illness is hard to catch. Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior John Hopkins Center Scholar reported, “Though brucellosis is a common cause for animal miscarriages, it can also be linked to fetal problems in pregnant women who contract it. This diminished effect is because of a compound called erythritol which is found in human placenta.” If you suspect that you may have been exposed to this bacterial strain, it is best to have yourself tested. If the results come back positive, you will be given a course of antibiotics, which is the best form of treatment. You can also read this - Pregnancy Gift Basket Pregnancy Gifts for first time Moms Gift for Pregnant Friend Ideas