Tips To Take Care Of Your Newborn During Winter

Tips To Take Care Of Your Newborn During Winter

Becoming a mother and that too for the first time is the most cherished moment of every woman's life. From feeling the kicks of the baby in the belly to welcoming and holding the newborn in their hands is a moment every woman longs for in her life. 

A woman’s life starts evolving around her newborn. Be it summer or winter, every mother is concerned about the well-being of her newborn especially if the baby is born in the winter season. 

The threat of icy temperatures, germs, slippery sidewalks, and cold wind is enough to keep first-time parents in constant worry of their newborn. Instead of fretting about the winter season, first-time parents should emphasize keeping their little ones safe, healthy, and happy during winter. 

Fortunately, you no longer need to worry about baby care in winter as we have got you covered. Here are some tips for you to keep your baby's body warm during winter. Let’s have a sneak peek into the same in the post outlined below. 

Tips For Baby Care In Winter 

Welcoming the newborn into the world is a priceless moment for nearly every parent but it also worries the parents thinking about how to keep the newborn baby warm. If you are also wondering about the baby’s first winter, then look no more. 

Take note of these tips for newborn baby care in winter. 

Dress in Layers 

Just because your newborn is inside the home does not mean to keep the clothing to the minimum. So make sure you dress up your baby in layers to keep the baby's body warm. Compared to adults, newborn babies feel colder due to which it is crucial to dress them up in layers of a jacket, snowsuit, or a blanket especially when going outside. 

Dress Comfortably

Special emphasis should be given to the baby's winter clothes as this can go a long way in shielding your baby from the chilling cold. You can shop for the best winter wear for your baby from Mama & Peaches and be at peace knowing your little one is safe. 

Cover Head and Feet 

Most first-time parents are unaware that babies catch colds from the feet and hands. That is why, most child specialists and gynaecologists advise keeping your baby’s hands and feet covered during winter. So, make sure to cover your baby’s hands and feet with mittens/gloves and socks. 

Say No to a Heavy Blanket 

Another crucial tip for your baby’s first winter is to avoid heavy blankets. Most parents think that covering the baby in a heavy blanket during winter is great but in reality, it is not. No doubt that a heavy blanket will keep the newborn warm but it will also make them feel uncomfortable. Moreover, the babies might face difficulty in moving their arms and legs. So make sure to wrap your baby in a light blanket instead of a heavy one. 

Spend Some Time In The Sun 

Spending some time in the sun and letting your baby catch the sunlight works wonders for your newborn baby. It is the best source of vitamin D which is regarded as an essential nutrient for stronger bones and boosting immunity. It not only provides much-needed warmth to your baby but also protects your baby from germs. 


Do not forget to give a sound massage to your newborn in the winter as this gives warmth to the baby and does not make them feel cold. Make sure to use a suitable oil for massaging your baby. 

Be Careful When Outdoors 

One of the most significant things to take note of in winter is when you take your baby outdoors. Spending some time outdoors with your baby in nature is great but there are certain things to bear in mind when taking your baby outside. Here are some must-know rules to follow when going outside: 

  • Make sure to check the temperature before going out and dress your baby accordingly. 
  • Do not forget to dress your baby in layers such as a sleepsuit, pants, socks, sweater, and whatnot. 
  • Tuck a blanket around your newborn to keep him warm and safe from cold weather. 
  • Wear your baby with the help of baby carriers so that your body heat keeps the baby warm. 

Prevent Dry Skin 

Newborns are more susceptible to dry and itchy skin compared to others because of the super cold temperatures and low humidity during winters. Consequently, you need to take care of your baby’s skin so that it does not become dry. The best way forward would be to bathe your baby only three days a week and apply a moisturizer all over the baby’s body after the bath. 

Keep An Eye on Warning Signs 

Watching out the warning signs is another thing that’ll help you take care of your baby during winter. The warning signs include baby shivering, or cold hands, feet, and face or you notice their face turning pale. The moment you notice all these signs, the key is to bring your baby inside right away. Still, if nothing works, reach out to your child’s doctor without any delay. 

Maintain Indoor Temperature 

It’s not always about the cold but sometimes, too much heat indoors can also make your newborn feel uncomfortable. If left untreated, it can make your baby’s skin dry as their skin is delicate. Consequently, the best way forward would be to maintain your indoor temperature. 

Take Off the Coat Inside the Car 

Despite the cold weather, it is important to remove your baby’s coat or jacket inside the car. It is because the puffy coat can make the material too much for the baby which can be uncomfortable to your baby. Instead, the best way would be to click your baby into the car seat first and then consider layer over the top if desired. Another way is to keep your car pre-warm to make your baby feel cosy. 

Wrapping up 

Keeping all these essential things in mind will help you take proper care of your baby during winter and will keep your baby warm, healthy, and safe from the biting cold. Make sure to pay close attention to the little things and modify the daily routine to suit the baby’s individual needs. Hope, this blog on winter tips by Mama & Peaches will help you in spending a warm and comfortable winter with your baby leaving many good memories to treasure. Happy Winters!

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What should I do to prepare my baby for winter?

The key to gear up for taking care of your baby during winter is to have the right clothes such as jackets and bodysuits and keep the optimal temperature inside the home. 

How can I protect my baby from the cold?

You can easily safeguard your baby against the cold winter weather by dressing your baby in layers, investing in good quality blankets, and keeping the baby’s hands and feet covered. 

How much layering is required for a newborn in winter?

The number of layers your baby requires depends on the specific conditions and the temperature. Usually, it's recommended to dress your baby in a base coat, jacket, bodysuit mittens, and socks.