Toddler Food Safety - 8 Choking Hazards Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

It is very common for children below five years of age to choke down on food substances they cannot chew well. Breathlessness, coughing, difficulty in talking, change in skin color etc. are all signs of mild to severe choking.

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Therefore, it is important to have a fair idea of what these probable choking hazards could be to prevent any such accidents. Below are 8 food choking hazards that may need your attention.

#1. Chunky Pieces Of Meat

Since meat is sticky in nature, your child may not react well when it comes to chewing larger chunks of meat which is why it becomes necessary to cut it down into smaller pieces to make biting easier for the baby.

#2. Uncooked Vegetables

It is very common to give pieces of raw vegetables like carrot, cucumber etc. to children during early teething. But, since the teeth are not developed completely, pieces of these raw veggies might enter the food pipe and get stuck leading to choking. Hence these type of foods should be given only under supervision.

#3. Whole Grapes

In-spite of the health benefits that grapes provide, giving whole grapes to toddlers causes difficulty in chewing and swallowing. Moreover, the skin of the fruit can easily stick to the throat resulting in irritation and eventually choking. It is always advisable to peel off the skin and cut the grapes lengthwise into smaller pieces before feeding it to your child.

#4. Powdered Substances

Substances like milk and chocolate powders are meant to be consumed in liquid form and should be refrained from giving it to children in the powdered form as they do not get dissolved quickly and may form lumps and cause choking.

#5. Candies

Candies are hard in nature and the air passage in babies are too small for them to pass through easily. For this reason, hard candies are not advisable to be given to toddlers below 5 years of age.

#6. Dry-Fruits And Seeds

Though dry-fruits and seeds are considered healthy, they are largely a choking hazard for your child as breaking down hard substances might be difficult for children and their teeth may not be ready to grind food well. The best way to feed them to children is to have them mixed with porridge in its powdered form.

#7. Popcorns

Popcorns are chewy and difficult for the kids to breakdown and swallow efficiently. Due to this, it is highly advisable to avoid offering these to your kids.

#8. Marshmallows/Jellies

Similar to popcorns, marshmallows, jellies or any kinds of gums or toffies must be altogether eliminated as these sweet treats are difficult to chew, do not melt away and also may cause tooth decay apart from choking. It is important to give foods in smaller sizes to your child below 5 years and always look for signals that indicate any sorts of choking and taking necessary action. Make sure to be alert and not panic. you can also read this - Best Maternity Gifts Pregnancy Gifts for first time Moms Gift for Pregnant Friend Ideas How to find the best gift for Pregnant Sister