Benefits Of Yoga During Pregnancy And Beyond

There is no better way than yoga to keep your body and mind active during your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is highly recommended for moms to be. You enjoy the benefits not just during your pregnancy but for years after.

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Benefits of yoga during pregnancy

  • Your strength and stamina increases and prepares you for the later stages of pregnancy and labor.
  • It helps you regulate any hormonal imbalances and also helps you keep your mind calm by activating your parasympathetic nervous system.
  • The stress on your back and hips is relieved to a large extent with certain yoga postures.
  • Practicing pranayama regularly, which includes deep breathing, can help relax your nervous system. This keeps you calm through your pregnancy and also when you are in labor.
  • You become more aware and in-tune with your body. This helps you focus on the fetus that is growing. Body awareness is especially important when you are delivering your baby.
  • It is a great way to prepare for proper breathing during your labor and when you are delivering your baby.
  • Edema is reduced as blood circulation improves. Better blood circulation also means that your baby gets better oxygen supply which is vital for development. It also ensures that the nutrients from the food that you consume reach the baby properly to aid proper development and to prevent any complications during birth.
  • Studies have revealed that moms who practice yoga have fewer issues with infant birth weight or any other complications during delivery.

Benefits of yoga after pregnancy

  • Continuing with yoga after your delivery strengthens your muscles and also helps you recover from the birthing process.
  • Lactation improves, providing your baby with a good supply of milk.
  • You can improve your sleep cycle with some yoga postures and breathing exercises.
  • There is a lot of tension in your shoulders and neck after having the baby, which is effectively released with different postures.
  • You are able to stay calm even with the stress of being a new mom with breathing exercises and calming yoga postures.
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