Pregnancy Early Symptoms

Have you been trying to start a family? Then, the anticipation of whether you are pregnant or not can be very hard to deal with. To help make this period easier for you, we have put together a list of early signs of pregnancy. That way, you know when to see your doctor and are fully prepared.

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Earliest symptoms of pregnancy You do not have to wait a whole month to know if you are pregnant or not. Here are some early pregnancy symptoms before missed period that you should watch out for if you are trying to start a family:
  • Swollen and tender breasts: This is one of the early signs of pregnancy first 2 weeks into conceiving. Your breasts will begin to feel heavy and you may also experience a tingling feeling and soreness.
  • Fatigue: When you are pregnant, the production of a hormone called progesterone increases. This hormone tends to make you feel sleepy. In addition to that low blood pressure and low blood sugar along with increased blood production can make you feel tired.
  • Bleeding and cramping : Two of the early signs of pregnancy, cramping and vaginal bleeding in small amounts occur as the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall. The blood is lighter in color and is spottier than the regular period. It also lasts for just a day or two.
  • Nausea: You may experience nausea without any vomiting or with it in some cases. This will begin within two weeks of conceiving. When the estrogen level in the body begins to rise rapidly, digestion slows down. Your sense of smell is also elevated, making you nauseous because of certain odors.
  • Food aversion: The elevated sense of smell and the changes in your hormones can lead to aversion towards certain foods, including ones that you were quite fond of previously. This is very pronounced in the first trimester.
  • Besides this, you will also experience other minor symptoms such as headaches, constipation, sudden mood swings, elevated basal body temperature or the temperature of the body early in the morning and dizziness. These symptoms could be good reason for you to take a pregnancy test or to visit your doctor.
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