Pregnancy Food Chart

Are you worried that the food that you are eating is not good enough to support your pregnancy? As your baby develops in your w omb, the requirements for your body change. To help you get all the nutrients that you need, here is a detailed pregnancy diet chart month by month.

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5 important nutrients during pregnancy Throughout our pregnancy, you need to ensure that you get the following nutrients through your diet:
    • Proteins: They are essential for the growing fetus and keep the mother healthy.
    • Folic acid or folates: They keep the birth weight healthy and also help in the development of the brain and spinal cord
    • Iron: It helps carry oxygen to the growing fetus.
    • Calcium: It is essential for the development of bones of the baby and to prevent any chances of osteoporosis in the mother.
    • Vitamin A: Improves vision, immunity and overall growth of the fetus.
  • Indian diet chart for pregnancy
  • Meal
  • First Trimester
  • Second Trimester
  • Third trimester
  • Breakfast
  • Onion and tomato onion+ whole wheat toast+ 1 glass of milk/ Sprouts parantha + buttermilk/ Idli with sambar and coconut chutney/ tomato sandwich+ lassi
  • Cottage cheese sandwich + orange juice/ oats upma + milkshake/ rava idli + coconut chutney/ whole wheat toast+ scrambled eggs+ lemonade
  • French toast+ coconut water/ whole wheat cereal with banana and milk/ oats porridge + orange juice+ scrambled eggs+ whole wheat toast+ milkshake of your choice
  • Lunch
  • Roti+ vegetable curry+ raw vegetable salad/ kadhi+ potato curry + rice/ tandoori chicken+ rice/ roti+ dry vegetable sabzi of your choice/ daal + jeera rice + curd
  • Soya curry+ ridge gourd sabzi+ raita+ roti or rice/ masoor dal+ tomato and onion raita+ cabbage sabzi+ roti or rice/ fish curry with mustard+ ladyfinger sabzi+ rice/ mutton curry + raw vegetable salad+ rice or roti
  • Mung dal+ mushroom sabzi+ mixed flour roti/ Kidney beans curry+ jeera rice+ raita+ rice or roti/ paneer sabzi+ rice or chapatti/ leafy green curry + tomato chutney + bajra roti
  • Dinner
  • Chicken and spinach soup+ roti/ fish curry + rice/ egg curry+dry vegetable sabzi+rice/ peas pulao+onin and coriander raita
  • Minced meat with tomato + beetroot sabzi + curd+ rice or roti/ Potato and beans curry with roti or rice/ dal spinach and potato sabzi/ dal + curd + rice
  • Mixed dal+ chicken tikka+ green gram sprout salad+ rice or roti/ mutton biryani + onion and mint raita/ minced meat + beetroot sabzi+ rice/ roti/ dal+ aloo methi sabzi + curd + rice or roti
  • Snacks
  • Mixed fruit salad/ banana milkshake/ sprouts salad with onion and tomato/ coconut water/ handful of roasted chickpeas
  • Handful of mixed nuts/ Lassi/ Puffed rice with peanuts/ Badam milk/ mixed fruit salad/ milkshake of your choice
  • Coconut water/ boiled sweet potato/ mixed fruits/ orange and carrot juice/ mango milkshake. Buttermilk/ puffed rice with peanuts
  • Foods to avoid
  • Here is a list of pregnancy food to avoid to prevent any health issues:
  • Avoid large fish such as tuna, swordfish or shark as they may contain high levels of mercury.
  • Eggplant
  • Unpasteurized milk products
  • Sesame seeds
  • Papaya
  • Ajinomoto
  • Pineapple
  • Fenugreek and fennel seeds
  • Refined flour products
  • Grapes
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