Top 5 Baby Gifts For Second Time Moms

Finding a gift for a second time mom is harder than you think. She already has the basics in place. So, how do you find something unique to make it just as special as the gift you got her the first time?

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Here are five baby gift ideas for second time moms that are totally on-point.
  • Coordinated sibling outfits: This is undoubtedly the cutest gift you can pick. Mix and match outfits for both the kids. The best part is that you will have something for the older child and the newborn as well. So, you don’t let the older feel left out from the excitement of opening gifts.
  • Massage coupons or a day at the spa: Handling two kids can be stressful. You can hire a massage or spa service to come home to attend to her. You can also purchase gift coupons to a luxurious spa just for mom. Team it up with a basket of essential oils, bath salts and other products that will give mama a chance to pamper herself.
  • A coffee care hamper: Ask any second time mom and she will tell you that coffee is her saving grace. It is extremely tiring to manage two kids and nothing can refresh you like a good cup of coffee. Pick the best brands of coffee, coffee flavored comfort foods like chocolates and cookies and even throw in some coffee flavored beauty products like bath scrubs to complete your coffee hamper.
A family photo shoot: There is no better gift that wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime. Arrange for a photo shoot for the entire family at a studio. To make it better, you can even hire a stylist, arrange for baby photo shoot props and pick outfits for the family to make them experience the glamor of being before the camera.
  • Babysitting services: Offer to take care of the kids for a few hours a week or month. This will not go unappreciated. Even a few hours of quiet time can be extremely important for moms with two kids. It will give her time to unwind and finish chores she has set aside for herself.
If you haven’t already, subscribing to a Mama and Peaches subscription box is the way to go. You can be assured that she will have a gift box with the most meaningful products waiting for her each month. you can also read this Best Maternity Gifts Gift for Baby Shower Pregnancy Gifts for first time Moms Gift for Pregnant Friend Ideas