Unique birthday gifts for 1 year-old boy

A first birthday is very special. It is a day that not only mom and day but also everyone around them cherishes. With everyone putting in their best to buy the perfect gift for the baby, do you worry that what you choose will not stand out?

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Mama and Peaches has put together a list of unique birthday gifts for 1-year-old boy India so that you have nothing to worry about. These gifts are not only creative but are also useful for the baby and the parents. Of course, these gifts will certainly say that you care.
    • Balance board: This is one of the most basic and natural gifts that you can buy for the one year old. We all know that little boys love physically challenging activities. As he learns to walk and stand, any toy that uses this skill can be thrilling for the little one. You can get balance boards made with sturdy wood that are extremely safe for the baby.
  • Ball pit: This is a gift that not just the birthday boy but all his friends can enjoy. This is one of the most genius gifts for creative 1 year olds. You can buy ball pit kits online. And every kid will absolutely love to plunge into these. It is a great way to keep the little one occupied while parents enjoy some relaxed time. So, be sure that they will thank you for this, too!
  • Plush bowling kits: These bowling kits with soft pins and a soft bowling ball is perfect for a 1 year old boy. Kids this age have an innate need to knock things down by throwing something at them. Why not keep the baby and the stuff around him safe by giving him this unique gift.
  • Themed play carpets: Kids spend a lot of time on the floor. So why not make it worth their while. How about helping the child learn something new while playing. You can find play carpets with themes like alphabets, numbers, or even city life. Let the child’s imagination run wild with these comfortable, soft and beautifully crafted play carpets.
  • Bath shapes: Bath time should be loads of fun. At the age of one, parents are faced with the dilemma of keeping the child entertained while giving him a bath and making sure that he does not get cranky. These bath shapes are great to make up stories for the little one and let him make up his own. So, everyone wins!
  • Learning walkers: Walkers are getting increasingly interesting by the year. A learning walker comes with several shapes and buttons that move and make fun noises. These add-ons with the walker improve the gross and fine motor skills of the child as well. The child will have a ball when he practices his walking, too!
  • Magnet sets with animals: Kids are drawn to animals very strongly. This is the age to also teach them about different animals. A magnet set comes with a board that you can stick the animals on to and learn more about them. A magnetic board that doubles as a chalkboard is an added bonus. The child can scribble away, too. Make sure that the magnetic animals are made from soft material. That way, even if the child chews on them, you do not have anything to worry about.
  • A classic wooden dump truck: This is the kind of gift that a boy would inherit from his grandpa or uncle. However, no matter whom they get this wonderful gift from, little boys simply love them. Towing these trucks around and pretending to spend hours at construction sites and loading yards is extremely entertaining for the little one. Make sure you include this in his playpen.
  • Wooden wagon: This gift almost has a vintage touch to it. But it has been a hit through the generations. Kids can load up anything that they want onto these wagons and pull them around. And, let us tell you a little secret. Cleaning time will be much easier as the child will love to round up the toys and put them back where they belong.
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